All about Alexpotato


What is Alexpotato?

This is an excellent question with no easy answer. Here, however, is the best we can do.

Alexpotato as a company was started in 2005 much along the lines of a "joke that got out of hand". Starting with that general idea, the main goals of Alexpotato are as follows:

  • design paintball clothing that is stylish and comfortable
  • sponsor teams/events that do well while playing honest, being good people and partying hard
  • do all of the above at a profit
  • and have fun doing it.

Since Alexpotato is relatively new, at least in company form, as we get a better idea of the answer we'll add to this.

Who is the Alex in Alexpotato?

Alex is of course Alex Elliott.

For those of you who don't know who he is, which is probably everyone, he is most famous in paintball for being the "registration guy" at all the PSP events in 2004. He is NOT however to be confused with Chris Raehl who is another person entirely.

In addition to selling Alexpotato shirts/stickers, you can probably find Alex doing one of the following:

  • Asking various female paintballers out to dinner. So far unsuccessfully.
  • Swearing at, almost fighting with and then being best friends again with Robert "Rosie" Rose.
  • Coaching any X Ball team that asks him to coach. If it involves wearing foam corn cobs, this is even more likely.
  • Setting up and/or running an X Ball scoreboard somewhere.

So, if you see him at an event go say hi since he's very friendly and buy a shirt! Or at least get a sticker.

Who are the Spuds?

The Spuds is the name for the people who are fans of both paintball and Alexpotato.

Spuds can usually be identified by Alexpotato stickers on hoppers, computers, cars and body parts. In order to become a Spud you need to know the Alexpotato gang sign which is, of course, secret.

Is Alexpotato spelled with an "E"?

Time to take English 101 over again Mr.Quayle.

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