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First impressions

Figured the best way to both keep a record of my trip to Hong Kong and let everyone know what I was up to was to start a blog. I’m kind of new to blogging in general so we’ll see how it works out.

I decided to break down my impressions into a more chronological view:

The Flight

I haven’t flown business class in about 15 years but let me tell you this: it rocks! I got to hang out at the British airways lounge which meant all the milano cookies I could eat. They even had some mini-sandwiches and free wifi which was pretty cool.

I noticed two things when I got on the plane:

  1. The seat was it’s own little pod
  2. The flight attendants were super nice

The seat is the new(er) flat style which means it goes all the way down flat. They even give you a duvet and a full size pillow so it even feels like you’re in a bed. At one point they gave me a menu and they had a couple different options for starters so I was thinking “hmmm, which one should I get”. Once the meal came out, I realized you got ALL of the starters. They also plied chocolate non-stop to the point that the one flight attendant told me “take as many chocolates as you like”. For dinner, they actually didn’t have the entree I wanted so for breakfast they came to me first to make sure it didn’t happen again. Pretty good customer service.

The entertainment system was really cool. The screen was huge and in HD so I watched Iron Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. At one point the whole system froze so the attendant restarted it and for the dorky among you, it runs on Red Hat.

Hong Kong Airport and trip to Central

I usually end up having trouble with mass transit the first time I go somewhere new. This usually involves getting on the wrong train/bus, going east when I wanted to go west etc but this time I had very few problems. Getting on the airport express train was super easy and they even had a little map with dots that lighted up as you got closer to the stations so you knew that you were 1/2 way, 3/4 of the way and so on. When I got to the Central station, I must have totally looked like a tourist because one of the ladies at the exit gates waved me into the right one.

As I moved down to the subway, one thing kept annoying the hell out of me. They have these little ridges on the floor to help people get around I imagine. This is great when you’re walking around but rolling luggage over it can get pretty frustrating.

I eventually made it to the ticket machine and it has a little map that lets you just touch where you are going. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any change so I asked some random guy if he had any change. He did and so we swapped bills but then he looked in his wallet and realized “Hey, now I don’t have any change” so we had to swap back. Grrrr. So, I went all the way back up in the elevator to get change. After that though, it was pretty straightforward.

One other weird thing. when I left JFK they had a Lancome ad with Anne Hathaway. When I got to the HK airport, they had the same ad! I guess that’s globalization.


One of my first thoughts was that there were a lot of people. Everywhere. I also realized that I wasn’t the tallest person or even really that much above the average. In New York average height is generally just under my eye level but here I would say it’s more around my chin.

This was also the first time that I really felt like a minority. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt that way even when I went to Africa or the Carribean. They say that only .5% of the population is Caucasian but most people don’t seem to even notice. I did get a couple curious looks now and then but nothing that made me feel out of place.